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class ConwayMaxwellPoissonDistribution<Arg1, Arg2, Arg3>(λ:Arg1, ν:Arg2, n:Arg3) < BoundedDiscreteDistribution

Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution.

  • λ: Rate.
  • ν: Dispersion.
  • n: Truncation point.

The distribution is always truncated on [0,n] because of an intractable normalizing constant that can only be expressed as an infinite series on the support of the non-truncated distribution, [0,\infty). The larger n, the closer the approximation to the non-truncated distribution---if that is desired---but the more expensive operations: most are O(n).

Member Variables

Name Description
λ:Arg1 Rate.
ν:Arg2 Dispersion.
n:Arg3 Truncation point.