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class ConditionalParticleSampler < ParticleSampler

Conditional particle sampler.

classDiagram ParticleSampler <|-- ConditionalParticleSampler ConditionalParticleSampler <|-- ParticleGibbsSampler link ParticleSampler "../ParticleSampler/" link ConditionalParticleSampler "../ConditionalParticleSampler/" link ParticleGibbsSampler "../ParticleGibbsSampler/"

Member Functions

Name Description
sample Start a sample.
sample Step a sample.
draw Draw a sample.

Member Function Details


function draw(filter:ConditionalParticleFilter) -> (Model, Real)

Draw a sample.


function sample(filter:ConditionalParticleFilter, model:Model, input:Buffer)

Start a sample.

  • filter: Conditional particle filter.
  • model: Model.
  • input: Input buffer.

function sample(filter:ConditionalParticleFilter, t:Integer, input:Buffer)

Step a sample.

  • filter: Conditional particle filter.
  • input: Input buffer.
  • t: The step number, beginning at 1.