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final class AssumeEvent<Value>(x:Random<Value>, p:Distribution<Value>) < Event

Assume event triggered during the execution of a model, typically by the ~ operator.

  • x: Associated random variate.
  • p: Associated distribution.
classDiagram Event <|-- SimulateEvent Event <|-- ObserveEvent Event <|-- AssumeEvent Event <|-- FactorEvent link Event "../Event/" link SimulateEvent "../SimulateEvent/" link ObserveEvent "../ObserveEvent/" link AssumeEvent "../AssumeEvent/" link FactorEvent "../FactorEvent/"

Factory Functions

Name Description
AssumeEvent Create an AssumeEvent.

Member Variables

Name Description
x:Random<Value> Random variate.
p:Distribution<Value> Distribution.

Factory Function Details

function AssumeEvent<Value>(x:Random<Value>, p:Distribution<Value>) -> AssumeEvent<Value>

Create an AssumeEvent.