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final class SEIRComponent

SEIR (susceptible-exposed-infectious-recovered) reusable component. Two such components are assembled into a vector-borne-disease model, one to represent the human population, and one for the mosquito population.

Member Variables

Name Description
Δs:Tape<Integer> Newly susceptible population at each time.
Δe:Tape<Integer> Newly exposed (incubating) population at each time.
Δi:Tape<Integer> Newly infectious population at each time.
Δr:Tape<Integer> Newly recovered population at each time.
s:Tape<Integer> Susceptible population at each time.
e:Tape<Integer> Exposed (incubating) population at each time.
i:Tape<Integer> Infectious population at each time.
r:Tape<Integer> Recovered population at each time.
ν:Random<Real> Birth probability.
μ:Random<Real> Survival probability.
λ:Random<Real> Exposure probability.
δ:Random<Real> Infection probability.
γ:Random<Real> Recovery probability.

Member Functions

Name Description
transfer Transfer between compartments.

Member Function Details


function transfer(t:Integer, τ:Integer)

Transfer between compartments.

  • t: Step number.
  • τ: Number of trials that may result in exposure.

τ is computed externally according to the interaction between two populations, then transfer() called to update the state of the population.